Friday, June 12, 2009

SSSU - The Fluid Soundbox

Be careful here. This is recorded at a REALLY high level so be sure to normalize if you put it in a mix.

1. Triple Threat 2. Something For Johnny 3. The Wobbler 4. Formulator 5. Theme From Stella Interstellar 6. Girl From Acapulco 7. Robot A Go Go 8. Der Ermittler 9. Dragon City 10. Project QX5 11. The Freddie Pt.1 12. Mummy Walk 13. Love Godess 14. Budapest Incident



Mr. Suave said...

SSSU's best!

Lee Joseph said...

Hi - this is Lee from Dionysus Records - ALL of the Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited albums are IN PRINT - avalible from iTunes, eMusic, Amazon - and on CD - all but the first two are avalible on vinyl and those two will see LP re-releases this year - I pay royalties to the duo for their sales - we would appreciate if you take down these downloads ASAP

Lee Joseph - Dionysus Records

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