Friday, June 26, 2009

The All Nighters - Dance 'til Dawn

Originally created out of a pure love and interest for many different forms of musical expression, the All-Nighters continue to break down the boundaries limiting the sonic freedom of instrumental bands that have come before them. Their sound draws influence from a wide variety of classic genres, all combining to form a very modern and refreshing approach to "instro/surf" music. They harness the energy and personality of surf, punk, country, rockabilly, ska, gypsy, classical and others to form a intermixed collage of sounds and emotions which flows with flawless focus; despite the often drastic changes in style, like the soundtrack to a great movie.

This is a very intriguing disc, with an original blend of surf, prog, punk and Renaissance ideas. Well recorded and mixed, and very engaging. It's not trad by any means, but I really like it. You probably will, too. Check out the archives for their first one - Drink the Night.

1. Escape from the Nuthouse 2. Swingers Club 3. Cruisn' & Rockin' 4. N20 5. Crackerjack 6. Riding with Outlaws 7. Showdown 8. Sex Maniac 9. Starfish Lagoon 10. Glory Boy 11. Surf Detective 12. Drink the Night 13. Oceans of Time


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