Friday, June 26, 2009

Satan's Pilgrims -ST

Cool band, GREAT record. These guys are one the best modern surf bands today. They play it the way it's meant to be played and they rock in the process. This, their fifth record, is excellent and out of print - great songs that are memorable and a sound that can only be described as the "Pilgrim-Sound" bringin' it home. Rock on to the sounds of SATAN'S PILGRIMS... They have elements of the 60's surf sound, but they take it to the next level, with great arrangements and even a punk rock attitude to go with it. Nice assortment of instruments used...not just guitar and drums- here is great organ (Hammond and Vox to these ears), electric piano, percussion, trumpet and sax, even 12 string guitars. Great songs include "Mutha Fuzz" (surf meets James Brown's band), "Beach Binge" (great melody) and Brahms "Hungarian Dance No. 5" (yes, classical surf!)..

1. Badge of Honor 2. Theme from the Arturan 3. Fra Diavolo 4. Tears and Gears 5. Step It Up 6. Casbah 7. All Day Party (All Night Party) 8. Mutha Fuzz 9. Frankenstomp 10. Super Stock 11. Black Marquis 12. Chi Chi 13. Jungle Room 14. Hungarian Dance No. 5 15. Beach Binge


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This is my first time visiting your blog. I really like it. It's cool. Cheers!

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