Friday, June 5, 2009

King Kandy – Acid Beach Party

King Kandy, a North-London trio, goes back to the 60’s with a neat soundtrack recording that combines surf, exotica, go-go, spy and garage rock themes. I’m not sure there is an actual movie tied to this soundtrack, but it doesn’t matter – listening to these songs you can sort of create a movie in your mind. There’s not much in the way of traditional surf music here – instead, it’s more of a lounge/exotica sound with surf themes, melodies and rhythms running through it. In many ways they remind me of Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited or the Lou Hoffner Trio. It wasn’t quite what I expected, being more in the psych pop area rather than pure surf -- and after listening to it a few times it really grew on me and is a repeat fave.

Introduction, Acid Beach Party, Surf My Way Now, Persephone’s Theme, Stokey’s Lament, Night Crawlin’, Jetty Incident, Late red, Persephone, Sunset, Kahina Bay, Radio Nine, Cave Up, The Ghost Ship, Byke Out, Mondo A GoGo, Theme from Acid Beach Party, Original Film Trailer



Unknown said...

OK, let's clear this up: there isn't really a movie. "Acid Beach Party" is a concept/project/parody album put together by King Kandy, along with fake artwork, movie posters, and a trailer for the non-existent movie (check YouTube). But the whole thing really works! I don't know too much about King Kandy, but they must be geniuses. Even the smallest detail hasn't been overlooked in producing this retro gem. If you're over a certain age (as I am) this will take you right back to those '60s summer flicks at the drive-in. Hell, I think I could make this movie - all the hard work has already been done!

Unknown said...

is it possible to re-upload/share this album again? i lost it after a HD crash

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