Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ramblin' Ambassadors - Avanti

Guitarist Brent J. Cooper of Huevos Rancheros fame supposedly formed the Ramblin' Ambassadors on a dare. A booking agent needed a band, so he asked Cooper to come up with something. Cooper recruited bassist Scott Nickless, and quickly began writing songs. They had a few people fill in the drummer position, including David Alcock from Chixdiggit, who would eventually end up producing and recording Avanti. The Ramblin' Ambassadors settled down with drummer Tyler Pickering, played gigs, and recorded nine songs. The result was the 2003 Avanti, released on Vancouver's Mint Records.

It's easy to draw comparisons to Link Wray here because some of Link's tendency for long sustained chords and minimalist darkness is in evidence, as is an overall loud and intense sound. But more than that, there are splendid spaghetti western elements, solid melodies, and just plain magnetic rock instros. This is not a surf CD, but instro fans who dig Link Wray, Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks, the Bottleups, or the Berzerkers in their more rock'n'roll mode will surely like this. I do! – Phil Dirt

Sixty Seconds To What?, Lungbucket, Theme From 'The Ramblin' Bastards', Hawgtied, Dead Man's Flats, Hangin' Tree, Hup Two Three Four, Twenty Original Fembots, The Hairless Cat



barkingdog said...

Many many thanks for both albums of this great group.

Cheers...The Dog.

MuZZy said...

Awesome band! Thanks for sharing. Your blog is excellent!


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