Friday, June 26, 2009

Dave “Baby” Cortez – 3 in 1

If you like simple blues based Organ and Piano instrumentals (mostly) then look no further than this CD. All the recordings are the originals from Cortez's later period of 1965-66. THESE ARE NOT the hits, they are under license to another label – so these are his lesser known albums – mostly covers - which show a more loungey side. Although now largely forgotten when music history is discussed Cortez is steeped in the roots of blues and boogie-woogie and this album is full tracks reflecting that. A lot of the tracks also have saxophones/brass backing as well to add a bit of variation to the Piano/Organ lead. This really fun and for the older generation would make great party music. You cannot help but tap your foot or dance.

1. Shake 2. Watermelon Man 3. Boy From New York City 4. Can't Buy Me Love 5. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) 6. Twlight Time 7. Stagger Lee 8. Yeh Yeh 9. Searchin' 10. Come See About Me 11. Where Did Our Love Go 12. Paper Tiger 13. Tweetie Pie 14. Things Ain't What They Used to Be 15. Count Down, Pt. 1 16. Count Down, Pt. 2 17. Belly Rub, Pt. 1 18. Belly Rub, Pt. 2 19. Do Any Dance 20. Peg Leg 21. Sticks and Stones 22. My Sweet Baby (Parts 1 & 2) 23. In Orbit 24. Summertime 25. You Talk Too Much 26. Hula Hoop (Shoop Shoop) 27. Come Back (To Lonely Me)

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The In Crowd said...

Thanks for this! Just seeking out some Dave Baby...

If by chance you should get your hands on a collection of his earlier Clock label stuff, I'd love to hear it!


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