Friday, June 26, 2009

The Romans – You Only Live Once - Repost

I'm so glad this vintage eighties album has been reissued on CD. It may not look like a surf album, but it features some of the nicest tracks of the era. The Romans's sound is enduring and warm. There are 8 bonus tracks added, most of which are instros. In some ways, the Romans were a supergroup of the punk scene, with Mikey Borens (Monitor) - guitar, Pat Delaney (Deadbeats) - sax, Juan Gomez (Human Hands) - guitar, Keith Mitchell (Mazy Star) - drums, and Michael Uhlenkott (Tikis) - bass. This is the only stuff they did.

1 Runway 2 Iron Cross 3 Tuned Out 4 Shorebreak 5 Birdbrain 6 Nazarene 7 Small World 8 (I'm So) Happy 9 Blob! 10 Motu Tapu 11 Big Neck 12 What Gives? 13 You Only Live Once 14 Black 15 It's A Lie 16 Slave 17 Birdbrain (demo version) 18 Beebs and Jeebs 19 Footsteps 20 Moonlight 21 Chasm



Ernesto said...


Unknown said...

Hey Many Thanks !
Do you have anything by a related band called the New Marines ?

Anonymous said...

I´d love to listen to this record but unfortunately the zshare link doesn´t work. it just restarts counting. I´d be so happy to listen to this album...

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