Monday, March 10, 2008

The San Andreas Fault - Encantada

Robert Spain (aka Warmowski) started the 1980s Chicago punk and 1990s rock bands The Defoliants and Buzzmuscle. Fusing the sounds of rock, soundtracks, punk and surf is his obsession as a writer and multi-instrumentalist.
Pete Machine is a classically trained guitarslinger who puts the heartbreak out in front of the aggro proceedings. In a band without a singer, his bittersweet melodies are the emotional focus. The debut from Chicago's premeire exporter of reverb. Punk rocker multi-instrumentalist Robert Spain collects guitar dandy Pete Machine and a crew of aggro-pop pounders to produce the sound of heartbreak instrumental-style. One vocal love letter to California is included. Compelling instrumental songs? Debussy meets the Plugz meets Roy Orbison? Hardly any singing? Good enough for me. Long silence between last cuts. Nice soundscapes similar to Friends of Dean Martinez but more accessible. Worth a listen.

1. Encantada 2. Fault Herald 3. Maestro's Gone 4. splinterlude 5. Go Sleepy
6. Bags Unlimited 7. Sympatico 8. Fault Herald (vocal) 9. Bonus


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