Sunday, March 16, 2008

Liv and Let Liv - Surfin' Pachebel

This strange fun series of semi-variations on that song they ALWAYS play at weddings - Pachelbel's "Canon". It provides the motif throught out the whole cd. There’s more than just electronic surf here, so the title is a little misleading. There's ambient trance-dance and the full orchestral version. The Willi Willi - Groove Salad sequence does deliver as futuristic surf music from the Moons of Jupiter, & that largely through the subtle, persistent fretless bass of Ken Simmons."Waikiki Pachelbel" is worth the price of admission alone. You don't even have to like surf music to enjoy this cd - it's doesn't sound anything like surf music you've ever heard. Get this cd and hang ten with the old fart.

Surfin' Pachelbel 2. Run as a Liquid 3. He'enalu 4. Poppin' Pachelbel 5. Wili Wili 6. Groove Salad 7. Waikiki Pachelbel 8. Surfin' UFO



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