Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Aqua Velvets – Radio Waves

The coolest (Yes,COOLEST) thing about surf music is that it is ALWAYS better live than recorded in a studio. This post is all about the RAW RARIN' GUTBUSTIN' Drive of live surf music. This is some of the ABSOLUTE best guitar rock you will find anywhere - The Aqua Velvets, Mermen, Los Straitjackets, Laika and the Cosmonauts, 50 Ft. Combo, and technically not surf, serious guitar virtuosity - Eric Johnson. I'll be on the left coast all week this week shooting promos with Oscar and Emmy winner Cloris Leachman for one of my projects so I wanted to leave you all with some major waves, just in case I stay longer than expected.

We start with fan faves - the Aqua Velvets. Although this is technically a "live" record, the fact that it was recorded during radio broadcasts gives it a very polished studio feeling, blending the best of both worlds. This CD spans the career of the Aqua Velvets from beginning to recent, and it satisfies completely. It contains all the classic Aquavelvet hits (a good starting place for you first time Velvet-heads). The extra disk is a great addition too. It includes a very cool version of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." You gotta here this surf version of the grunge classic to believe it. That song alone is worth the price of admission! If you were to have one modern surf music CD in your collection, may this be the one...

1. Intro KFJC 2. Swampabilly Hop 3. Bravado 4. Diamond Head 5. Spanish Blue
6. Gringo 7. Martini Time 8. Green Sunshine 9. Surfmania 10. Hawaiian Blue
12. Beauty And The Beach 13. Intro KPFA 14. Mexican Rooftop Afternoon
15. Guitar Noir 16. Subterranea 17. Surf Nouveau 18. Holly Tiki 19. Nomad 20. Nervous On Neptune 21. Walk Don't Run 22. Apache 23. Pipeline/Auld Lang Syne

Bonus: 1.Smells Like Teens Spirit 2. Baja 3. Spanish Blue 4. Green Sunshine




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brandonio said...

I've enjoyed this for years.I've been a huge fan since "Surf Mania" I would really love to see these guys live.

Have a safe trip buddy!

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