Saturday, March 1, 2008

50 Foot Combo – Go Hunting

Phil Dirt from Reverb Central writes "After a couple of singles, this fine band releases a strong first CD, garagie in nature, precise in performance, and infectious in it's shifted trad stylings. They are somewhere between Mar Gaya and Martin Denny." I think they have a sound all their own that is well worth having. Lots of CRAZY stuff. This album is a killer - nice balance between powersurf and lounge-tunes. The live bonus tracks are amazing. When there's no beach around, this is a good substitute.
1. It's Alive 2. The Tunnel 3. Doe De Duip 4. Inspection #5 5. Robin Boy Wonder 6. Dimitrius 7. The Brain From Planet X 8. I Think I Shot Her 9. Drums A Go-Go 10. The Escape 11. Minesweeper 12. Hully Gully Stomp 13. Sl 54 Automatic (Bonus Track) 14. Jack The Ripper (Bonus Track)

1 comment:

brandonio said...

another superb band. I have the original version of this though, I think it has better artwork.They seem to think the original didn't look good enough.Man,I love this album!

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