Monday, March 10, 2008

Nelsonics - Ruins of Rome

Their infectious sound combines influences ranging from 60s mod to surf rock into one soulful go-go groove. THE NELSONICS have left the Woody at home in Milwaukee and hopped across the pond for a whirlwind tour of Europe armed with nothing but a rented "Go Go Motorscooter" and a CD of the grooviest tunes of the year, namely RUINS OF ROME - the coolest new party record on the international scene. You can't help but get moving when THE NELSONICS take the stage. Their infectious sound combines influences ranging from 60s mod to surf rock into one soulful go-go groove. The Nelsonics formed in 2001, taking audiences by storm with their high-energy live show. The following summer, released the band's debut LP - which received rave reviews for its blend of instrumental grooves, organ-based R&B, Latin rhythms, big beat hooks and reverb-drenched guitar.

RUINS OF ROME comes complete with 11 original gems that showcase a musical maturity not usually found in the genre plus one adventurous cover of Midwest legends The Bent Scepters (aka The Diplomats of Solid Sound).

THE NELSONICS are Don Nelson (drums, percussion, vocals), Don Turner (organ, sax, theremin, vocals), Terry Vittone (guitar, vocals), and Jon Ziegler (bass, vocals). Collectively, they set the standard in instrumental groove. With RUINS OF ROME, they have added a new dimension to their music...vocals on 8 of the 12 tracks...enhancing the commercial appeal of their music beyond their instrumental roots. Ugh. RUINS OF ROME delivers the floor stomping goods for those in the know and blows open the doors for an entire Roman Legion of new fans. Fun even with the vocals. Get their first all instro shot in the archives.

1. International Jet Set 2. X-Ray Skinny 3. Soul Skippin' 4. My Toyota
5. Come N' Get Me 6. Forbidden Harem 7. Date With Danielle
8. Go Go Motorscooter 9. Ruins Of Rome 10. My Convalescence
11. Mission 2 Mod 12. Let's Go To Mexico



Mr. Suave said...

Fanfreakintastic. Thanks for sharing.

cheers, mr. suave

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