Sunday, March 16, 2008

the Black Shadows - BlueXotica

BlueXotica is a solid blues instrumental that will have you grabbing your air guitar or make you want to get up and dance. Some of the tunes are an interesting combination of Blues and Surf music that is somewhat similar to Iko-Iko and even the Paladins. Others are Blues/Rock numbers and still others straight 12 bar blues. If you are looking for something a little unusual with a little variety but still on the bluesy side, I recommend giving this CD a play. I think you will enjoy it.

1. Shadowcaster 2. Whiplash 3. Cashbox 4. Lap Dancer 5. Jet Black Mirror
6. Cry Baby Cry 7. Texas Berrys 8. Slippin' 9. Peralta 10. The Pounce 11. Watch Out! 12. Lo Straniero Dannato




sdubose99 said...

Good stuff, thanks for sharing...

DaBoss said...

Thanks, glad to get the word out and that you enjoyed.

brandonio said...

Another great band buddy.Surfy enough for me to like it, and bluesy enough to make it different. Lectible my site buddy and true friend will get a kick out of this if he didn't already download this. He likes da blooze and all.

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