Friday, March 21, 2008

Elemental Instrumentals

Southern Wisconsin is beautiful country. Lots of scenic hills and pasture land. I recommend you drive through it if you haven't. Mostly folks of German and Scandinavian descent. Cheese. Beer. That's what you expect, and that's what you can look forward to. Not exactly a hotbed for recording studios back in the late 50's/early 60's. But it seems that a fella named Jim Kirchstein set up shop somewhere around Madison back in the day, and that many a young man with dreams of stardom stuck in his head made way to Kirchstein's studio. Here is the 1st of 3 volumes that document those recordings. "Elemental," is an all instrumental bash of guitars and saxophones that show, while Wisconsin is a bit off from the ocean, the kidz out there were definitely aware of the wonders of "surf music." This is a very fun collection of groups that aspired to making hits like the Chantays "Pipeline," or the Surfaris "Wipe Out." Check out track one here: "Scalping Party." No political correctness back in '62. Listen and you will know what I mean. 28 tracks in all, covering the years 1959-1965. Many excellent guitar performances. Highly recommended for enthusiasts of that era, or to folks with a love for music off the beaten path.

1. Scalping Party - The Tornados 2. 7-0-7 - The Tornados 3. Wasted! - P.J. Zakonsky
4. Moon Race – Citations 5. Trackin' - P.J. Zakonsky 6. Rocker - The Montereys
7. Fall Out - The Stage-Men, 8. Moon Dawg - Johnny & The Shy Guys
9. Hades - Frank Gay & The Gayblades, 10. Rewind - Grand Prix
11. Sands of Arabia - Teen Tones 12. War Party - The Catalinas
13. Rotation - The Six Shooters 14. Cyclone – Nocturnes
15. Slippin' and Slidin' [Semi-Vocal] - Citations
16. Rick-O-Shay - The Tikis 17. Lonely Huns - Attila and the Huns
18. Spin Out - Teen's Men 19. Odyssey - Thundermen
20. Rawhide - Vikings Guadeloupe 21. Midnight Express - WillieTremain's Thunderbirds, 22. Tic Toc - The Continentals 23. This Way Out - The Furys
24. Voodoo Walk - The Voodoos 25. Side-Winder - The Vibratones
26. Mondo Caravan - The Caravans 27. Rock Casual - The Stage-Men,
28. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again – Crossfires



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