Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Goldentones- Atlantis

2nd effort is much more melodic and interesting than the first one which you can get at Boppeslag - see links. Fine maturity in songwriting and melody.

1. F*fWD 2. Aurora 3. Midnight 4. Kalypso 5. Spitfire 6. Praying Mantis
7. Moon Pair 8. Palms Motel 9. Departure 10. Summer Vacation 11. Tornado Warning 12. Freestyle 13. Outbound 14. 1961

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brandonio said...

Daboss, hey buddy thanks for turning me on to these cats. I was familiar with the title song, but had yet to track down a full record from the band . I totally impressed.Your taste is as always impeccable. I can't believe i gave up my search for these guys. Oh well better late than never.

Rock On!

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