Friday, July 11, 2008

Action Figure Party

Rock? Jazz? All great fun. Eventually, you ask yourself where one ends and the next begins. You might find the answer in Action Figure Party, the eponymous brainchild of Geggy Tah co-founder Greg Kurstin.
Reading like a guest list from the after-hours party at an alternative rock festival, this album boasts the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist Flea, Buckcherry's Yogi on guitar, alumni of Garbage, No Doubt, Air, Soul Coughing, and, not least, Sean Lennon (cutting wax, no less). Normally, all-star casts have all-star egos with which to contend, but all seems to be in harmony on these twelve tracks, only two of which feature vocals from multi-instrumentalist Kurstin. Instead, the writer/pianist/producer chooses to share the spotlight with the bevy of outstanding talent that he has assembled, including a two-piece horn section, four drummers, five bassists, and Kurstin himself helming the operation at either the piano or an organ that sounds fresh from the ballpark. The result hovers somewhere between Medeski, Martin & Wood and Bootsy Collins on the funk-meter.

This is one for your collection.The mixture of jazz, rock, ska, and fun MUST be heard to be appreciated. Give it a try - a worthy addition. Party Hardy.

1. Everybody Ready 2. Action Figure Party 3. Pong Baby 4. Gamera 5. No Sleep
6. Clock Radio 7. Where's The Moment 8. George & Cindy 9. Gettem 11. The Clapper
12. Flow



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