Saturday, July 19, 2008

Martin Cilia - Revenge of The Surf Guitar

OK, this is officially it...the disc you can't stop your foot from tapping. Get out your air guitar and prepare to be surf rocked. Man, this cd just rocks. There's not one dud tune on the whole cd. All rockers, except Mermaid Beach. And it's cool too! All songs have a driving guitar sound played on an authentic '63 Fender guitar & Fender amp. Now how much more surf do you need than that? Really authentic sounds -- and it works. As a guitarist for the Atlantics, Martin knows surf music and now he's done it "his" way. Authentic and rockin'. Buy it now. Cool digi packaging too that looks like an old vinyl album cover.

· 1963 · Surf’s Up · Reverb Beach · Under the Hood · Return of the Surf Guitar
· Surfabilly · Freakout · Point Danger · The Worm · Black Jaguar
· Flight of the Surf Guitar · Queen Kahuna · Cronulla Point · Surfride · Riff A Go Go · Mermaid Beach



marino said...

Excellent post, more intro-surf
Thank you
From Brasil

Los Contratiempos said...

Good old surf sound! Thank a lot from Spain.

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