Saturday, July 19, 2008

Guitars That Rule The World

Richie Samoboa, Dickey Betts, Zach Wylde, Richie Kotzen, Nuno Bettencourt, and others! Yes, you have to have grown up in the late 80's to know these people, but this is a really fun bunch of songs. Who knew how well these guys can actually play!

The theme is to let a bunch of well known guitar heroes compose songs and perform them outside of the normal music confines of their normal band. The creativity here is fantastic and the types of "guitar music" is greatly varied giving it a constant interest (vs. say hearing all of a Satriani CD, which is great music, but can sound the same).
This perfect to mix in a playlist. They are all cool songs and can be used to spice up some of your usuall music themes.

1.Black Magic - Reb Beach 2. Mr. Sambo - Richie Sambora
3. Leviathan - Yngwie Malmsteen 4. I Understand Completely - Paul Gilbert
5. Walk On Walden - Elliot Easton 6. Farm Fiddlin' - Zakk Wylde
7. Bumble Bee (Crash Landing) - Nuno Bettencourt 8. Fielt Of SOul - Alex Skolnick
9. Chype Fluxx - Richie Kotzen 10. Blues For Stevie - Albert Collins
11. Wille And Poor Bob - Dickey Betts & Warren Hayes
12. Why Do I Feel LIke I'm Bleeding? - Reeves Gabrels
13. Surfer Junkie Dude - Earl Slick




Anonymous said...

YEAH its great to hear the guitar men go out of the box for a while. Albums (you can see my age here) that have new vibes are cool. I'm gonna check that out. I still cannot get tooo much out of whats around now. I mean i love satch and dig the john mayer blues album. But I'm still cheering on my bands from the sixties and seventies. A classic YES album would do and gimme some zep anyday. for some good guitar playing and jamming.
I recommend Ronnie Wood solo albums

DaBoss said...

That's what makes the classics - classics. They stand the test of time. I like hearing and seeing creativity at work. that's why my second music passion after twang guitar is live shows - of all kinds. To me, a true unedited live performance is the test of a true performer. Espedcially when they get into it and add something to the mix. Zappa, Hendrix, Page, Howe, SRV, Johnny Winter and many others shine onstage. and still, to grow -you gotta evolve and experiment. This is where these kind of comps are good. they allow the musician to step out of the box and play - sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. It's still cool to hear.

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