Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ben Roger's Instrumental Asylum - Reberb Rehab

This time we are going to the land down under for some SERIOUS surf and twangs. This Australian power trio presents 17 tracks of surf/spy/guitar noir. "A guitar player whose genre bending technique, taste and eclecticism place him among the world’s great guitarists." (Billy Pinnell, JB Mag Nov 2007)

Ben Rogers was listening, learning and stealing everything he could from Django Reinhardt, Hank B. Marvin, Duane Eddy, Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, JJ Cale, and Peter Green. Having now left the primordial ooze, he's ready to unleash his fearful blend of surf/gypsy/tarantino rock solid pulp guitar truth and fiction to the masses. Ben Rogers' Instrumental Asylum is a trio made up of electric guitar, bass and drums and features reverb-drenched guitar music that echoes some of the best work of The Shadows, Ventures and Surfaris, but with an extreme left turn towards the surreal. All done up with an Aussie accent. OUTSTANDING throughout. Highly recommended.

1 Mr P.C. 2 Wet Suit Dream 3 Torquay 4 Prickly Pear 5 Strawberry Fields Forever
6 Seasons of Change 7 Bondi Stomp 8 Paisley Dayze 9 All the Things You Are
10 Goodbye Bluehaze 11 Elegy for Pluto 12 Ballad of Private Mitchell
13 She's Not There 14 55 Customline 15 Ginchy 16 First Light at the Aussietron
17 Conversations With a Frog




Brandonio! said...

Hey DaBoss, I have a request.Do you so happen to have Four Piece Suit's "On The Town"record?I just noticed it at Cdbaby,and was just curious if you had heard it.That would make four for a sweet post.

DaBoss said...

Yo Big B - been waiting for it to come out. Will get it in my next round of goodies from there. Yea, it will be a sweet post. Keep checkin' in - you will see more exciting aquisitions from there headlined over the next month or so. dig the stuff you are doing over at your place.

Brandonio! said...

Just got around to listening to this ,and I must say this is some really stellar stuff.Very professional,yet still maintains it's edge.I should also mention both albums posted are equally amazing.

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