Thursday, July 3, 2008

Big Surf - Action Heros

Happy 4th of July! We're starting the fireworks with some killer surfin'.
Phil Dirt- 2003 roots, progressive inversions, surf reverb and visuals, Big Surf have created a unique and infectious brand of adventurous surf. Action Heroes is a playful romp through a comic book world of Surf. Go from a Journey to the Stars to the dark world of Gotham, from a cowboy spaghetti western to a mad scientists lab and his monstrous creation, from a Navel Patrol to a Stormwatch. Action Heroes is an action packed surf ride that will leaving you screaming to do it again.

1. Tarfoot 2. Diamond Head 3. Monsta Stomp 4. High Plains Marinara 5. Darkwave 6. Blue Surf 7. Rap City 8. Navel Patrol 9. Prowl 10. Ace 10 11. Falafel 12. Gotham Blues 13. Bareback 14. Journey to the Stars 15. Stormwatch 16. Ebb Tide

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