Friday, July 11, 2008

Hawaii Mud Bombers - Mondo Primo

A cross between the Ramones and The Beach Boys, the Hawaii Mud Bombers are a Swedish band that play fun, energetic, surfy rock and roll. Half instrumental, half garagey vocal. They have performed all over Sweden for years, while building a sizable fanbase in other territories, like Japan (where they have toured!). Mondo Primo is their FIRST U.S. release. "Johanna Beach" was voted 5th best song of the year on Little Steven's Underground Garage. calls it "a darn near perfect power pop tune.

Don’t let that fool you. "Mondo Primo is simply a great pop record, unafraid to be overtly commercial, but achieved with a real passion for catchy melodies, a very impressive album."

1. The Act 2. Johanna Beach 3. Wolf n' the Lamb 4. Mondo Primo 5. Torpedo
6. Mr. Menage a Trois 7. Natsu No Hi 8. Suzuki Samurai 9. Birds and Bees10. Intermission 11. MTV 12. When I Sway 13. Hit The Beach



Brandonio! said...

Excellent post Daboss!I remember hearing these guys on the radio as i used to listen every Sunday night to Little Steven's show religously.

PapayaSF said...

Please repost!

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