Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hawkwind - Complete '79

Very worthwhile 2-CD release of the band's UK tour recorded sometime in November,1979. Starts off "Shot Down In The Night" and "Motorway City", neither have ever been my favorite, but I liked these live versions. Perhaps because of the 'new' life synth-wiz Tim Blake(ex-Gong member)provides. Also good to hear are "Spirit Of The Age","Urban Guerilla","Lighthouse" and "PXR 5" again. I've completely forgot about "World Of Tiers" as I haven't heard it in awhile now. I really enjoyed th Tim Blake pieces, "New Jerusalem" and “Lighthouse” – which are more lively than the versions on Blakes own solo release. Satellite" is short, but one of the better cuts of the entire show. Of course,there are a few Hawkwind staples present,like "Brainstorm"(shouldn't be played without Nik Turner),"Master Of The Universe" and a superb performance of "Silver Machine".The encore number,a great aural assault of "Levitation" . Plenty of swirling synth/keyboard action really seems to make this gig pull together.

Most fans say that the commercial release- 'Live 79' is a better document of their performance of that time period – it certainly is recorded better. This, though, is what a full show would be like, not edited performances. This was recorded while the Hawks were out of contract, having left Charisma, and they self-recorded these shows and hawked(!) the tapes around until Bronze picked them up release. Yea, the sound is muddy in places and the bass is damped – I can live with that, this is as real as it gets. Line-up:Dave Brock,drummer Simon King(he left after this tour),Tim Blake,Harvey Bainbridge and original HW guitarist Huw Lloyd Langton. A must-have for all true Hawkfans.

Shot Down In The Night 2. Motorway City 3. Spirit Of The Age 4. Urban Guerilla 5. Who's Gonna Win The War 6. World Of Tiers 7. New Jerusalem 8. Light House 9. Brainstorm 10. Satellite 11. Pxr 5 12. Masters Of The Universe 13. Silver Machine 14. Levitation




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