Friday, July 11, 2008

30 Seconds Over D.C. - Punk comp

Although the Washington D. C. area wasn’t as notorious as New York or London during the heyday of punk, it had a good scene. The Bad Brains were the most notable group from that period but others were here, too. This is a comp of some of the folks in that scene during the first wave of punk/new wave. The DIY ethic is evident throughout these raw cuts. Standouts – Slickee Boys, Billy Synth ( like Suicide), The Nurses, Mark Hoback and my personal fave - Stay Limp. Get it - you'll feel like a 17 year old hopped up on MadDog and caffeine pills all over again.

1. The Break - The Penetrators 2. Imagination [Live] - The Rudements 3. Thank You for Sending Me an Eno - The Mock Turtles 4. Attitude [Live] - Slickee Boys 5. Jet Lag Drag – Chumps 6. Every Time You Give Me a Call – Billy Synth 7. Get Up 'N Dance - Jeff Dahl 8. I Want Something New - Half Japanese 9. I Hate - White Boy, White Boy 10. I Can Explain – The Nurses 11. No Fun – Mark Hoback 12. Martyr Me – Judies Fixation 13. Knocking Down Guard Rails - Tina Peel 14. Murder One – Young Turds 15. Mr. President [Live] – Da Moronics 16. Stay Limp – The Raisinets


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