Thursday, October 2, 2008

Voodoo Court - Electric Beach

This is one strong release. It has bite, an interesting and a different approach to melody within the genre, and a magnetic personality that gets calls when I play it on Surf's Up! A band to watch. Within you'll find creative original instrumentals based on surf and pushing the edge of the envelope. Rewarding listening. – Phil Dirt

Foaming At the Mouth 2. Fun Love in a Thong Bikini 3. Backwash 4. Aint Got No Surfboard Blues 5. Sex Wacks 6. Fish Taco 7. Lost in Mazatlan 8. Salmon Creek 9. Psycho Surfer 10. Eat Me 11. Swallow the Clam 12. The Claw 13. Heavy On the Cream 14. Goin' Off 15. Polluted Surf



Brandonio! said...

Pssst! Sharebee is now got a good clean bill of health.I'm just saying.

zillagord said...

This one rules! I didn't know they had one besides the earlier post, so this was a nice surprise. Thanks.

PS: D'you ever notice that Brandonio always seems to beat me to the comments? Damn!


DaBoss said...

Si guys. Got another goodie for you coming soon. Zilla - you'll just have to hit the comments that much faster. :)

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