Saturday, October 18, 2008

Surf - Music and Vibes

Don’t let the name fool ya. No twangy surf guitar here. Crazy Joe's music is associated with the mood of swank space age bachelor pads, exotica, cool hepcats, martinis, lava lamps, tiki torches, beach parties, sand, surf, sunsets, mondo mambo, bossa-nova bongo, atomic cha-cha, crime spy jazz, jet set hi-fi hi-balls, and cocktail pop subculture. Here is the sound of swinging sophistication. Lot’s of vibraphone makes this sassy background a breeze for people who want to have a fabulous time. Take your shoes off, and live the high life while you can. Play this at your next party, and check your attitude at the door. It's the ultimate escape, and the coolest vacation you can take... a soundtrack for paradise. Soothe your ears, and ease your mind from a stressed out world. Relax, laugh, listen and enjoy!

1. Intro 2. Bossa Nova Beach 3. On the Rocks 4. Green Flash 5. Third Reef Tiki Time
7. Sunsets and Stars 8. Swank Swing . Offshore 10. Mambo Voodoo 11. Lovers of the Sea 12. Crazy Joe's Jazz 13. Surf Cha Cha

link fixed - solly cholly.



marino said...

The link is directed to another file ( danny morris golden.part1.rar (82.97 MB)
Thanks for all excellent post surf

DaBoss said...

Thanks Marino - link fixed.

metaluna9 said...

While programs such as Band-in-a-Box make great practice tools and are a lot of fun to play along with, it's pretty slack putting out music this way. Not exactly inspiring listening.

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