Saturday, October 11, 2008

Danny Morris - Storm Surge

If you ever wondered what would happen if you threw the music of Luther Allison and Dick Dale into a blender, this may provide a hint of what you would get.

Danny Morris, formerly with D.C.'s local favorite, the NightHawks, successfully blends surf music of the 60's with some modern Chicago blues and then throws in some Cuban flavor and even a little punk for extra pizzaz. The result is curiously interesting.

"Beat Cop", for example, sounds vaguely familiar, as if it came right off of the TV show Hawaii Five-0 or even Dragnet. "Violated" hints at a little punk while "Renee's Cha-Cha" will have you looking for that cuban cigar. There are some down right bluesy numbers as well. Take for example the extended version of Earl King's "Come On" which clocks in at 7:38 or the Texas shuffle numbers, "Sad and Blue" and "Swing With You Baby".

Keeping true to the surf songs of the 60's, most songs are very brief averaging in the 3 minute range. Overall, a very creative mixture of two sounds that you would never expect to mix sucessfully. Morris to pulls it off effortlessly. Check out his first shot - "I Won't Worry" here in the archives. Good listenin'.

1. Beat Cop 2. Swing With You 3. Storm Surge 4. Moon Relay 5. Sweet Honey Suckle
6. Violated 7. Mowgli's Bounce 8. Come On 9. Renee's Cha Cha 10. That's Alright
11. Run Chihen Run 12. Sad & Blue 13. Women From Pluto 14. Need You So Bad
15. She's A Liar 16. Garbage Man 17. Hurry Up, Slow Down



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