Saturday, October 18, 2008

Danny Morris - Golden Prize

Morris has changed the supporting cast from his first two CD's replacing Michael Maye and Paul Barker on bass guitar with John Coppola and George Johnson on drums with Joe Wells. The resulting sound has also shifted away from the surf blues formula found on the first two releases to surf pop which, while good, makes for a slight shock. Remaining true to surf, Morris has included a blistering cover of "Pipeline" and original tunes "Flight School", "Arthur's Boogie" and "Ooh Wee!". On the pop side, Morris instrumentally covers the Lennon/McCartney tune "Please Please Me" and includes original tunes "Your Mine" and "Twistin' Kristin". Probably the most interesting tunes on the disc are "Baila Para Mi" and "You're Mine" which have a nice spanish flare. While, I prefer the original blusey mix on the two previous discs, there is still plenty to enjoy on this retro pop sounding disc.
1. Twistin' Kristin 2. Flight School 3. You're Mine 4. All I Think About 5. No One Knows Virginia 6. I Only Have Eyes for You 7. Arthur's Boogie 8. Our Moon 9. I Was a Mountain 10. Pipeline 11. Ooh Wee! 12. Please Please Me 13. Stop Teasing Me



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