Monday, October 27, 2008

Phantom Creeps and Damien Storm - Greetings From Hell

They are the creepiest most terror-ific garage band around! Combining clean Fender reverb tones with grinding fuzz, The Phantom Creeps churn out some of the most horrific music... that doesn't take its self too seriously. Their influences range from The Cramps and Deadbolt to The Ghastly Ones. Phantom Creeps newest release, a split disc with New Orleans Damien Storm features several instrumentals as well as some vocal stylings that will help get you in the Halloween mood. There are some straight ahead surf songs like "Witch Hunt" as well as the sinister stomp of "Redrum" and the garage punk sing along "Little Ghoul". Fun stuff.

1 Phantom Creeps- Redrum 2 Phantom Creeps- Witch Hunt 3 Phantom Creeps- Little Ghoul (demo) 4 Phantom Creeps- Creep Walk (demo) 5 Damien Storm- Behind The Curtain 6 Damien Storm- Wormy The Werewolf 7 Damien Storm- Stormbringer 8 Damien Storm- Raven In The Courtyard (demo)



Brandonio! said...

The Damien Storm portain of this blows beyond belief.You have been warned!

Brandonio! said...

portion is what i meant.How could Phantom Creeps agree to making a album with this idiot? Did Damien finance the whole project or something? Still that's no reason to associate yourselves with this awful singer.Damn that has got to be the worst vocals EVER!

DaBoss said...

Very much so. I was really amazed as to how crappy that was - but - hey - I let you be the judge. It was the only Halloween related stuff I could find so far, that was not a duplicate of what others have posted. I guess you got both a trick and a treat in one.

Anonymous said...



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