Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Lava Rats - Don't Drink the Water

A creaking door sound effect and slow, ominous descending guitar riff usher you In The Charnel House. With a sudden scream and shattering kick of a reverb tank, you know there's no turning back. This is surf music with a dose of horror. Over and over, they hammer home the main theme with heavily reverbed spy-tone and change things up with agressively double picked melodic variations. Spooky and fun.

Caution! Stealth track alert! Do not adjust your voume control, as doing so could cause injury. The alblum ends with 1:50 of silence followed by a blistering coup-de-gras!

1 Inside the Charnel House 2 Devil's Slide 3 Keel Haulin' 4 Don't Drink the Water 5 Gotham 6 Peligroso 7 Under Tone 8 Dragline 9 The Flasher 10 Pistol Grip
11 Drop the Bomb 12 Miss Fortune 13 Suicide Squeeze 14 Heat Lightning (Bonus Track)


1 comment:

Brandonio! said...

Oh yeah I dig this to all get out!Entense stuff here kids!This even better than their first record.

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