Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rude Dudes - Risque Songs From the 30's

SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK'N'ROLL -- Old School.

Since leaving the Rolling Stones in 1993, Bill Wyman has gone on a one-man crusade to promote the music he obviously loves. Wyman fronts his own blues band, the Rhythm Kings and has been instrumental in keeping the names of both classic and obscure blues artists in the public eye through compilations like Rude Dudes. The title is somewhat misleading; there are as many "rude" women on this Document compilation as men. These risqué tracks, mainly from the '30s, are a real hoot. Part of the reason for this disc of upbeat, naughty tunes was Wyman’s irritation toward people who consistently apply the blues as depressing music. In the liner notes he states, "If your friends need convincing that the blues can make you smile, play them this, but not in front of the children."
1. (Who's Gonna Do Your) Sweet Jelly Rollin'? Whistling Rufus
2. Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama Butterbeans & Susie
3. The Boy In The Boat George Hannah
4. My Handy Man Ethel Waters
5. Electrician Blues Lizzie Miles
6. Lollypop Hunter & Jenkins
7. She Showed It All Napolean Fletcher
8. If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It) Barrelhouse Annie
9. Take It Easy Greasy Lil Johnson
10. Sissy Man Josh White (Pinewood Tom)
11. Mashing That Thing Bo Carter
12. Let Me Play With Your Poodle Tampa Red
13. I'm Gonna Keep My Hair Parted Washboard Sam
14. Sweet Petuni Jesse James
15. The Dirty Dozen No. 2 Speckled Red
16. We Can Sell That Thing Roosevelt Sykes
17. Banana In Your Fruit Basket Bo Carter
18. My Stove's In Good Condition Lil Johnson
19. He's Just My Size Lillie Mae Kirkman
20. Furniture Man Blues - Part 1 & 2 Lonnie Johnson / Victoria Spivey
1. I Wonder Whose Boogiein' My Woogie Sam Theard
2. If You Don't Give Me What I Want Lil Johnson
3. One Hour Mama Victoria Spivey
4. You'Ve Got To Give Me Some Margaret Webster
5. Don't Tear My Clothes No. 2 Chicago Black Swans
6. Terrible Operation Blues Georgia Tom / Jane Lucas
7. Cigarette Blues Bo Carter
8. Southern Can Mama Blind Willie McTell
9. What's That Smells Like Fish Blind Boy Fuller
10. Gas Man Blues Mae Glover / John Byrd
11. The Hottest Stuff In Town Bob Howe / Frankie Griggs
12. Meat Cuttin' Blues Hunter & Jenkins
13. My Baby (Squeeze Me Again) Lil Johnson
14. The Best Jockey In Town Lonnie Johnson
15. Kitchen Man Bessie Smith
16. Blue Bloomer Blues Whistlin' Alex Moore
17. My Pencil Won't Write No More Bo Carter
18. Ain't That A Mess Al Miller
19. How You Want Your Rollin' Done Louie Lasky
20. My Man O'War Lizzie Miles


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