Friday, April 11, 2008

Brine - The AntiSurf Soundtrack

Produced by Allen Whitman of the Mermen. When asked by an independent label in SF to create a surf compilation, he offered, instead, to create "Brine - The Antisurf Soundtrack" including global artists such as DJ Spooky, Loop Guru, Scenic and many others. Naturally there's a Mermen song on it. This stretches the Mermen sound into further dimensions of space and vastness. Way way deep surfadelics. Atmospheric and majestic – goes great with chemical enhancements.
1.Brine - The Mermen 2. Angelica - Scenic
3. Bunny - Plexi
4. Hologrammatic Dub - DJ Spooky
5. Emancipate This Planet - Chris Shahin Trio
6. Lovely - Dragline
7. Soulus - Loop Guru
8. The Wind Beneath My Kit - The Penetrators
9. Small Craft Advisory - Brothers Of Different Mothers
10. End Of The Tunnel - Lanterna
11. Inscape & Landscape - A Produce
12. Earthless - The Satellites
13. The Last Fourth Of July...Ever - The Elevator Drops

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