Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Migs

The MiGs' Debut CD. Hailed by Southern California's Campus Circle Magazine as one of the "most memorable debuts" for 2000. This is an eclectic band comprised of an odd cast of players wielding such diverse musical ingredients as Latin percussion, theremin, analog synths and testosterone heavy weird surf guitars. The result is never a dull moment. Top it off with a track featuring DJ Bonebrake of the LA punk band X on Marimba (Muchacha #3).

The Migs play both their own unique style as well as a few others equally as well, their use of the theremin is brilliant. They go from a very funny song about relationships to a straight ahead rock and roll instrumental then back to more intelligently funny love gone bad on to an amazing Hawaiian style instrumental all in the first four songs. Their next song starts with a funky James Brown rhythm and they go from there. Solid indie rock. The music is extremely well played, check them out.

1. Sweet and Sour 2. Jet Wash 3. 1600 Armadillos 4. Honolulu 5. Too Many People 6. Sake Bindings 7. Bién Gâté 8. Muchacha #3


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