Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jack McDuff – Moon Rappin’

Jack McDuff's organ has a very funky and fat sound but not in the "full speed ahead" Jimmy Smith style. Moon Rappin' is an atmospheric delight. Much of this album has almost a lounge feel to it. It almost plays like a concept album with its spacey textures and subtle backing vocals. There is plenty of experimentation with sounds here and all of the tracks work well, something like a soundtrack for late 60's interplanetary travel. Complete with wah-wah guitars & flutes. Overall I found this to be very worthwhile, easy to listen to, funky with enough intrigue to make it worthwhile listening to in detail..don't pass this up.

1. Flat Backin' 2. Oblighetto 3. Moon Rappin' 4. Made In Sweden 5. Loose Foot


1Surfrider said...

Love Brother Jack!

Thanks for this and the rest of what you share, cool stuff.

phuong said...

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Images on the CD are very impressive. I will listen even though it was very old!

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