Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Metalunas - Swingin' Planet

Surf-revival guitarist Mark Brodie — previously of Mark Brodie & the Beaver Patrol — formed the Metalunas upon his return to Vancouver from Japan, where he had lived from 1996-97 fronting another surf combo called the Saboteurs. Featuring a rhythm section of Mike Cinnamon (bass) and Rod Moore (drums), the Metalunas are plowing the same field as Man Or Astro-Man-- mixing guitar instros with 50's sci-fi space schlock. It's a fun mixture, and brings up memories of watching exciting (and often tacky) space films on Saturday afternoons. A few times on the album there are surprisingly long passages that could have come straight from even earlier sci-fi radio shows, all adding to the effect.

1. Venus A-Go-Go 2. Futuristic Twist 3. Metaluna Luau 4. Out of Limits 5. Terror in Space
6. Swingin' Planet 7. Lost on the Moon 8. Trajectory of No Return 9. Main Theme from Galactic Frontier 10. Sounds from Uranus


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