Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hi Folks, it seems like forever since the last post, but now that the St. Matthew's Musical Theatre Troupe's stupendious performance run of "The Sound of Music" is over, I can get back to other things.

Hope ya missed me, 'cause I got some good stuff this time. Am filling a request and adding a shout at the same time. Going loungy for Sandra and Xtabay.

Check out Xtabay's AWESOME depository of classic lounge music at XTABAY'S World, none better on the net. Snag some chic vibes over there to light your fires. I have. Thanks, too, on his mention of Fat City in his surfing trawls. Hope you enjoy Don Tiki ----


Sandra said...

Hi DaBoss!

Thanks so much for the two Don Tikis!!!

Licorice Pizza said...

Welcome back and yes your were missed. But your posts are a welcome relief. Looking forward to heareing the Don Tiki! LP

SpankyMonkey said...

Great to find you, will be trawling the depths of your blog in the coming days (and have linked you up on my blog...)


DirtyDave07 said...

Welcome back mate,you must be a mind reader,I'm going through a "rediscovering exotica" phase.Thanks for the tunes.

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