Sunday, June 6, 2010

East Coast Tremors EP Collection

In this category of surf rock, which is somewhat ill-defined, here stands the real deal. Easily the one of the best contemporary surf groups I've heard in months. The playing is impeccable, the tunes are all original (and fully instrumental!), and there's plenty of variety and energy. EAST COAST TREMORS' goes way beyond your basic surf standards. This album displays the band's versatility with traditional surf, horror blues, punk rawk, all acoustic country, spy, carnival waltz music, and their own brand of psycho surf. Don't let it pass you by!

1. Honeymoon Academy 2. The Triple Lindy 3. Killer Hill 4. Brass Pole Blues 5. Ol' Chuckwagon Express 6. Running Zack 7. Torpedo 8. The Hunted 9. Spotted Horse 10. Dr. Goldfoot Goes to Mexico 11. Digging to China 12. Great Grimpen Mire 13. Captain Spaulding 14. Edge of the Night 15. Utility Belt 16. Handclamps 17. The Kraken 18. Poultry Truck 19. Evil Genius 20. Stolen Cash 21. Mirage 22. Spirit of Zorba 23. Long Road Home 24. Methamphetamine Drive 25. Fishbowl 26. The Pit & the Pendulum 27. H Is for Heretic 28. Porcelain Pipeline 29. Cut Four 30. Camel Toe 31. El Camino 32. 1996



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good album ...

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