Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aerosmith Honkin on Bobo

First impression, strange name, the album is as advertised, Tyler puts his harp to good use in most songs. Although it contains 11 covers and only one original it sounds more like Aerosmith than Just Push Play did. Billed as an album where 'Aerosmith does the blues' do not expect a blues record. It is more closely comparible to the bands work in the 70s when you could still hear there obvious blues influences. Many of the tracks covered here are obscure as well, so the material sounds fresh and new.

The songs range from rockers like the first single Baby Please Don't Go and Shame Shame Shame to slower blues tunes such as Back Back Train sung by Joe Perry no less. In fact Perry lends lead vocals to two tracks on the album with the voice of the talented Tracy Bonham backing him up. This album is a welcome surprise from start to finish, fans of old Aerosmith will not be disappointed and fans of new Aerosmith will be introduced to a whole new world, with no boring power ballads to break the mood.

Honkin on Bobo is a Blooze-Rock record that Rocks with a capital R and would not have been out of place in the early 70's. This is a stunning return to rock and roll form for a band that has made way too many trips to the power-ballad ATM in recent years.

1. Road Runner 2. Shame, Shame, Shame 3. Eyesight To The Blind 4. Baby, Please Don't Go 5. Never Loved A Girl 6. Back Back Train 7. You Gotta Move 8. The Grind 9. I'm Ready 10. Temperature 11. Stop Messin' Around 12. Jesus Is On The Main Line

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