Saturday, June 12, 2010

Carnival Of Souls Ritorno A Casa

Fine mix of surf, spagetti, western twang, and a bit of metal riffage combined in a tasty package. A variety of styles enough to please all lovers of instro.

"With no less than a small masterpiece trumps after six year break Germany's Best Instrumental Band: The mix of surf guitar, soundtrack tunes, ballads and gringo impressive virtuosity achieved here with really splendid arrangements (strings, winds), a new Size. "
(TV movie)

"The fine art of instrumental music from the Steven Spielberg of the guitar, Achim Weigel." (BANZAI! # 7)

"... Mixture of Surfklängen, 60` s and 70 `s Soundtracks guitar sounds ... including spyware picturesque, beyond the usual listening habits." (Rockin 'Fifties)

Accoglienza Italiana
Ricky King Auf LSD
Mr. Aloha
Arriba Los Cojones
Die Todeskralle im Lotusgarten
Der Muränenmann
Stardust Gringos
Wolf River Marina
Operation Mongoose
Ewige Jagdgründe Neuenkamp
Ritorno A Casa


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