Friday, February 27, 2009

The Surfing Spacemen – Mental Pictures

This is CD number two from Finland's Surfing Spacemen. It's quite different from the first, more polished and farther into the go-go scene. Images of bachelor pads and space age spy films abound. Some very good writing and arranging, coupled with strong musicianship and interesting blends of sounds. Real beat and groovy.

Go Hammonds, Go, Super-Fly, Naked City, Island Of Bob-To, Immemorial, Waves, Satellite Beeps, Linoleum, Ergo Spega Extrobasa, Jamaican Root Canal, Swingin' Beatniks, Mr. Agent, No Questions Asked, Soho, Hard Labour, Saved By The Bell



Brandonio! said...

Wow! I pretty damn impressed with this record.It kinda has a Laika and the Cosmonauts feel to some of the songs.I wanna hear the first record like... now!
thanks DaBoss

DaBoss said...

So true, buddy. Blew me away at first hearing and is in my current top 10 pile. Love to hear the first one,too - it's a rare bird. Maybe Frisian can get it - it's from his neck of the woods.

Funny we were both doing stuff of Neil Norman - great minds and all that.

Will be poppin' over to your place soon.

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