Saturday, February 7, 2009

DonTiki Adulterated - RePost

As implied by the title, this is a remix of classic Don Tiki sounds, which pay homage to Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman and all the forefathers of exotica. Even repertory tracks have been mixed, reshaped, refined and re-invented by a coterie of top deejays - call it Martin Denny for the millennium - and the tunes take on new sass. Adulterated features three standout tracks, starting with DJ Jimmy B's remix of The Natives Are Restless. Now, we're big fans of the original song but Jimmy B's remix takes it up a notch. Extremely effective remix effects and nice spoken word pieces highlight this mix, along with chanting to die for. Br Cleve contributes a HiNRG "Bongo Congo" mix of Bwana Banana that somehow fits in even though this has a much higher BPM than the rest of the album. Lastly, Clutch Cargo Cult gets a great remix from 8FatFat8 that includes a nice rap by Julio Davis. Among the delights: "The Other Side of the Moon" by Ursula 1000 of New York, "An Occasional Man" by Keith Kandell of Los Angeles, "Bwana Banana" by Br Cleve's Bongo Congo Mix of Boston, "Polyamore" by Poi Dog Pondering of Chicago and "All Quiet Flows the Don" by 8FatFat8 of Chicago. There's a mix of sultry, intermittent vocals with inventive instrumentals. This is party music that collates a myriad of styles, from exotic jazz to ska, from funk to pop. Light the tiki torches, turn on the lava lamps, haul out the tiki mask and start groovin!'

The Other Side of the Moon 2. Clutch Cargo Cult 3. Heat 4. Da T'ing He Grow 5. An Occasional Man 6. Close Your Eyes 7. The Natives Are Restless 8. Polyamore 9. Bwana Banana 10. Terminal 11. All Quiet Flows the Don


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