Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ritchie Allen - Surfer's Slide

The two Richie Allen albums are finally available on disc! Recorded in '62 and '63, they are the real thing, authentic surf sounds from SoCal. The band includes such L.A. studio luminaries such as Plas Johnson on sax, Sandy Nelson on drunms, and Tommy Tedesco on guitar, as well as Richie Allen (Podolar). This is the real thing, folks, get this one as well as The Rising Surf!

Whether going by the alias Richie Allen or his real name Richie Polodor, this fiery young guitarist/engineer/producer would leave an indelible mark on the recording industry. Allen would soon engineer or produce rock legends like Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night, but California never sounded more enticing than on Surfers’ Slide, the second of his Imperial Records LPs from 1963. Wild and raw, the way surf music was meant to sound, it corrals all the big Los Angeles session names for a curl-shooting romp of pure, unadulterated west coast magic!

Surfers’ Slide 2. Sunday Surfer 3. The Lonely Surfer 4. Ridin’ the Woodie 5. Swing Low 6. Surfers’ Hop 7. A Touch of Blue 8. Malibu Run 9. Surf Man 10. Comin’ Back to You 11. Undercurrent 12. Tidal Wave

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