Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Sidewinders - Come and Get It

The Sidewinders, through a blending of referential solo, and modern technique, have brought all the excitement and energy of bygone days back to life. They have supercharged, tubed, and glass-packed their rockabilly/surfabilly forms, creating a thunderous showpiece that purrs like a kitten, both classically familiar and strikingly new.

They are a robust rockabilly/jump blues/surf power trio blazing forth on an effort that puts the spotlight on guitarist and vocalist Dan Peters' extensive skills. The disc contains originals that feature his full baritone and big guitar sound (especially on the wild and wicked instrumental "The Spooky Surfer" - worth the price of admission by itself) along with a hot cover of Lieber and Stollers "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah."

Stylistically the songs range from trucker to blues to serious rock all infectiously played with lots of gusto and twang - yummy.

This album is Buddy Holly, Brian Setzer, Elvis and Steve Vai, pulling low nines in the same candy-apple red '57 Chevy. Overall, The Sidewinders are able to perform a mean trick: make vibrant modern music from several retro forms. You will be chuggin’ along on this way after the music stops playing. Way recommended, even with the vocals.

1. The Girl At the Diner 2. Gone So Long 3. Stand Down 4. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 5. The Long Road Home 6. Somebody to Love 7. She Put a Spell On Me 8. Way Down Low 9. The Spooky Surfer


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Los Contratiempos said...

Great band! I love that guitar sound and the songs are truly interesting mixing country, rockabilly, surf... One of the best trio I've heard lately. Thanks a lot!

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