Friday, February 27, 2009

Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom- B-3 Blues and Grooves

Ron Levy is known to blues aficianados for his organ and piano playing and production work on hundreds of records. Since the early '70s, he has toured the country with Albert King, B.B. King, and Roomful of Blues. Between production ventures for others, Ron found time to fire up his Hammond B-3 organ and lay down a record that recalls everything from the organ trio sound of Jimmy Smith to the slinky instrumentals of Booker T. & the MGs.

If you're new to the B3 sound (and even if you're not) this is the album for you. From mellow to funky, Ron Levy puts the instrument through its paces in a sometimes playful and all-times soulful way. A little more to the acid side than some staunch B3 enthusiasts might like, because he doesn't keep it screamin' all the time, he actually plays it melodically. Check it out! Sweet.

1. Levtronic Blues - Ron Levy, Levy, Ron 2. Summertime - Ron Levy, Gershwin, George 3. Smoke N' Fire 4. Gimme a Break - Ron Levy, Levy, Ron 5. Prayin' the Blues, Pt. 1 6. Funk Finger 7. Eema's Song 8. 'Mo Chain Smokin' 9. Meter Made 10. Rooseveltin' 11. Prayin' the Blues, Pt. 2


Mr. Suave said...

Another fine record. Have to say this is a damn quality blog you got going on! Thanks for sharing.

marty said...

lordy lordy thank you very much!

hiller said...

thanks! great album!

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