Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Stingrays ST

This has to be one of the very best contemporary surf bands. The Stingrays really know their stuff, blending early Sixties surf music tradition with driving garage band intensity.

The Stingrays are a high school aged surf band from San Clemente. This disc displays a talented trio with fresh ideas and respect for the roots. The writing on most tracks is particularly good, perhaps hinting of what a young Dave Wronski's style might have been like. An excellent first issue. The sound quality is quite varied, with mixes sounding like they were done at different times in different places. Phil Dirt – 4 stars

This is surf music as it is meant to be played. And listened to! This one rates!

Don't Fear the Reverb 2. Los Mosquitos 3. Sunnyside Up 4. La Chancha 5. Hawaiian Pullout 6. Bodybag 7. Weiners and Beans 8. Pipleline - The Stingrays, Spickard 9. Larry's Got a Longboard 10. Impact Zone 11. Sabrina 12. Gone Surfing 13. Nitro - The Stingrays, Monsour, Richard

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