Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blue'N' Groovy Vol. 2 Mostly Modal

Absolutely killer collection of hard bop, guaranteed to rock ANY dancefloor. Ideal record for people who think they don't like jazz -- or to play to people who think they don't. The Art Pepper track is my favorite, but it is all excellent.

The Flip - Mobley, Hank 2. And Satisfy - Bright, Ronald 3. Dixie Lee - Byrd, Donald 4. Greasy - Davis, Walter [2] 5. A Little Busy - Timmons, Bobby 6. Mambo de la Pinta - Pepper, Art 7. Mamacita - Henderson, Joe [1] 8. Señorita Eula - Wilkerson, Don 9. Afreaka - Walton, Cedar 10. Wahoo - Pearson, Duke 11. Message from the Nile - Tyner, McCoy


Lorenzo said...

Qué no daría porque lo vuelvas a subir!!!!


Liam said...

Unfortunately, pt. 1 of the two part file has been deleted. Any chance of uploading it again? I would appreciate it immensely. Thanks for the great music.

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