Saturday, December 13, 2008

Legends of Acid Jazz - Hammond Heros

Lots of compilations that you buy have several tracks that are really good, but also contain some poor or disappointing stuff. This is completely different. Taken from Prestige Records albums from 1958 to 1967 this contains some organ based tracks that appeared on other artists albums, as well as some excellent material from organists that are currently unavailable elsewhere on CD .

Favorite tracks are difficult to choose (and there's not a poor one amongst them). However I'd especially mention the following."Please Mr Jackson" is the title track of a Willis Jackson album from 1959 and features some excellent B3 sounds from Jack McDuff, with a special mention for the guitar of Bill Jennings."Sticks and Stones" is another version of the Joe Turner/Henry Glover track made famous by Ray Charles. This version features Johnny "Hammond" Smith set off against the vibraphone of Freddy McCoy.Possibly my favourite is "One track mind" which features Freddy Roach from the album "The Soul Book".Roach really smoulders on this outing.This is an album which you should own if you like organ driven combo's. Don't, above all, be put off by the fact that it appears with the sub-title "Legends of Acid Jazz" - this is an inappropriate title that could easily mislead. An excellent album!

1.Please Mr. Jackson - McDuff, Jack 2. Takin' Care of Business - Scott, Shirley 3. Smooth Sailing - Cobb, Arnett 4. Sticks and Stones - Turner, Titus 5. Remember - Berlin, Irving 6. Twistin' the Jug - Ammons, Gene 7. Crib Theme - Cadena, Ozzie 8. Rock Candy - McDuff, Jack 9. Pool Shark - Jackson, Willis "Ga 10. Donald Duck - Patterson, Don [1] 11. Misty - Burke, Johnny [Voca 12. One Track Mind - Roach, Freddie 13. Take Five - Desmond, Paul


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