Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mister Neutron - Mister Neutron Loves You

With a tight trio of talented musicians behind its sturdy, steady sound, Mister Neutron Loves You takes you in 19 different musical directions, all of them leading back to the roots of great rock 'n' roll. Especially strong are the blues and surf tracks that make you realize just how good these genres can be with the right people playing the instruments. The instros like Danger:Diabolik are surf/spy goodies so you can tell they are leaning in that direction.

This is the first and lesser known Mister Neutron album - more indie rock - like a less frantic They Might Be Giants - yes- this one has vocals. They evolved into a powerful surf instro combo for the next two outings - Red Triangle has been posted by Trustar - see links.

1 Love Theme From Mister Neutron 2 A Mod Proposal 3 Soledad O'Brien 4 Danger: Diabolik 5 Pretty Green Thing 6 Special Boy 7 Mrs. Neil Armstrong 8 Atomic Supermen 9 Naughty Bits 10 Hydroplaning 11 Go, Stinky Monkey! 12 Casbah 13 Waterworks 14 Pyramid Scheme 15 Dreaming I'm Driving 16 10'll Gretsch You 20 17 Robot Arm 18 Mister Neutron Loves You 19 Whirligig


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