Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thurston Lava Tube - Move Over Rover, Let Clover Take Over

The Thurston Lava Tube are a psychedelic, experimental surf instrumental band from Leicester, England. The Lava Tube sound features an interesting range of vintage organs in addition to the traditional surf guitar line-up. Super ballsy, rock'n'roll, surfy instros. A++. I mean it. Besides, any band that covers Zappa gets a first look in my book. See, Trustar, there are Zappa fans out there.

1 Penetration 2 Gluon Boy 3 Lumpy Gravy 4 The Man with no Ping 5 Dogmatic 6 Lullaby of the Leaves 7 func_surf entity 8 Rocket Science 9 Being and Nothingness 10 Pempslider 11 Fox Sharp, Badger Minor 12 Don't Eat Aluminium 13 Dogs are from Pluto 14 Forget about Freeman



Trustar said...


Anybody who does Frank is OK by me!

I think the album cover scared alot of folks. I'll have to find one with Frank with a Santa's hat or something.

Keep 'em coming Big Boss Man. Ya gotta do something to keep yourself warm over there! Brrrrrrr!


eda said...


juanitomaniaco said...

hey,the link has expired man,can you please fix it?thanx

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