Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lonnies Smith Trio - Foxy Lady

Four lengthy interpretations of Hendrix tunes by a relaxed trio of John Abercrombie, Lonnie Smith, and Marvin Smith. Abercrombie retains his identity while spooling out tasty lines of dissonance and happy threads of jazzy melody. But it is Smith who most impresses, pulverizing with abrupt keyboard washes from Mars, while still maintaining a groove and a direction.

These guys are masters of their respective instruments ,all are legends in their own right .. their interpretations of Jimi's stuff is a very nice listen ..John does not play like Jimi ,John is John , and what a fine guitarist he is..His ECM work is wonderful , especially when teamed with Charles Lloyd . I like the track 'Jimi Meets Miles' on this disc .. makes you wonder ..boy , if only they could have got together in the studio! Great Jazz Power Trio here!! Not a Hendrix imitation, instead, a very cool jazz Jimi tribute not many have heard.

Foxy Lady 2. Castles Made Of Sand - Star Spangled Banner 3. Third Stone From The Sun 4. Jimi Meets Miles


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