Friday, November 28, 2008

The Moe Greene Specials

From Belgium, The Moe Greene Specials play cinematic instrumental surf and spaghetti western tunes that evolve almost symphonically, with trumpets doubling the guitars. Musical influences vary from Calexico-style desert songs to Stax soul to Dick Dale.

Their seriously moody and dramatic form of spaghetti western, with multiple guitars that create a thick wash of sound, and bass and drums, and accompanied by horns really add to the Morricone experience. It's certainly the best spaghetti western album that Enrio Morricone never made and, to my ears at least, better than many of the albums he did make. This is because it is intended for listening to rather than as an accompaniment to pictures. If you have any spagwest albums you certainly need this one too. If you ever fancied trying one and weren't sure where to start, then this is the place. Ok hombre? Phil Dirt gives this 4 stars, so it ain’t just me tellin’ ya to get it..

1 The Vast Land 2 Maplewood Drive 3 Malibu Rendezvous 4 Quintana Sixteen 5 Rain Scene Take 9 6 Sacramento 7 A $ 1000 Ride Pt.1 8 A $ 1000 Ride Pt.2 9 The El Monte Case 10 Julia's Waltz 11 Santo Trafficante 12 Esperos De Oro



Hunter said...

agree with everything you said. Love this album

zillagord said...

This is excellent! Can't believe I missed this, spaghetti is my favorite, as I am sure you know. Grooving on this now, it is way cool.

Thanks GW! BTW, those are my initials too.

paul said...

Thank you once again.

paul said...

If you don't like Capt. Hammond I'll eat my hat:


DaBoss said...

Thanks, Paul.Loved Captian Hammond - right up my alley. Will be groovin' out more here over the next few months.

A La Piscine said...

It's a great blog !


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